Science, The Bible And The Marketplace of Ideas

Science, the Bible and the Marketplace of Ideas - web

Have you ever been troubled about what “science” reveals about our world and wonder if it conflicts with Biblical claims? Or does real, honest and genuine scientific inquiry strengthen our faith and support a better understanding of biblical truth?

This will be a 5-week class led by 2 engineers at Trinity Church,Richard Harrison and Steve Kovacic, assisted by some YA experts in various scientific fields.

October 4-November 1
Sundays, 9:30-11:00 am
Room M201

Weekly Discussions include;
October 4: World Views
October 11: Origins and Cosmology
October 18: Microbiology and Intelligent Design
October 25: Geology and Fossil Record
November 1: The Marketplace of Ideas

Young adults are invited to attend this compelling and challenging class where the topics are relevant, the presenters are brilliant, and the conclusions are ‘down-right Biblical!’ Scientific disciplines to be addressed include Intelligent Design and the marvels of modern Microbiology and Biochemistry, Young Earth vs Old Earth Geology, and the Science of Modern Cosmology, what we know about the structure of the universe.

Join us as we discuss the “Marketplace of Ideas” and learn together how to be discerning, and to sort out truth and error.

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